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Human Potential

The Themava network is staffed by experienced agronomist, engineers and economists of diverse specialties, in cooperation with experienced executives of the European  business environment.



Dr.Salahas Georgios , Agronomist (Ph.D)

ProfessorHigher Technological Institution of Messolonghi
                        School of Agricultural Technology
-Specialist in:  Aeroponic / Hydroponic plants
                     Organic Agriculture
                     Innovative Alternative Crops
                     Sustainable farming practices

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Dr.Paschalidis Christos, Agronomist (Ph.D), Soil Scientist (Ph.D.)

Educational Technological Institute of Kalamata
                       School of Agricultural Technology

-Specialist in:  Alternative Crops
                      Agro-food sector of Russia
                      Innovative sustainable farming practices
                      Plant Nutrition and Soil Fertility

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Fotiadi Bertini, Economist (M.Sc.)

- Graduate of Economic University of Athens
        - MBA in Business Administration
          of Agricultural Products & Foods

- Specialist in:  Marketing Agri-food sector                  

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Gikas Dimitris, Computer Engineering (M.Sc.)

-B.Sc. Computer Science, Athens ATEI

-M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence, University of Essex (In.V.)

-Specialist in:  Artificial Intelligence - Robotics
                     Analysis - Design of web applications (web)
                     Analysis - Design of Information Systems

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Kostaras Gianis, Civil Engineer
-Graduate of School of Engineering, University of Patras
-Specialist in:  Bioclimatic Design
                      Innovative Building Construction

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